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Reggae Vibes Music and Turbulence. The single is called “Jamaica Holiday” and celebrates Jamaica as a perfect place for holidays.

After the success of the recently released For Me video, Turbulence and Reggae Vibes Music have once again joined forces on another single. The new record is dubbed Jamaica Holiday, and as the name implies it is all about promoting the island of Jamaica as an ideal vacation destination.

As we have come to expect from Reggae Vibes Music, Jamaica Holiday is a rich musical track that was created by Dan Grossman and his team at their studio in Seattle, Washington. The sweet reggae beat is complemented by Turbulence’s melodious lead vocals (that were recorded at Wasp’s studio in Cassava Piece), as well as Stephanie Hava’s backing vocals.

When asked what is the inspiration behind this song, Turbulence said: “well that inspiration is coming from the riddim first, cause the riddim have that kind of flavor. It just feels like something you are passionate about and I am passionate about Jamaica and how beautiful Jamaica is; and the vibe and ambiance that Jamaica brings.”

Reggae Vibes’ CEO and owner, Marlon Folkes, have stated that though Jamaica Holiday is being shared as a single right now, it will be featured on a rhythm-driven project at a later date. Folkes also took the opportunity to say that the entire Reggae Vibes Music team is driven by their “love of music and a firm belief that quality music always stands the test of time.”

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