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Rosey Blue is a singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Athens, she presents her debut album “Swans” to be released on November 5th 2021.
The title is inspired by the very species of Swans, which has the habit of mating for life. Two halves into a whole. One that left and one that stayed looking for answers in the stars and fortune tellers, a story told by Tarot cards and their symbols. A record about roads that need to unfold ahead, break, become tiny raindrops and finally take their place in the universe.
American folk songwriting, orchestrations not confined only in one music style. “Swans” is a pure confession of the heart and in the end….healing.
credits, released November 5, 2021

Music, lyrics: Rosey Blue except:
track 5 – Music, lyrics: Jef Maarawi
track 6 – Music, lyrics: Sotiris Pepelas-Rosey Blue
track 7 – Music: Vasilis Nissopoulos, Lyrics: Rosey Blue

Vocals : Rosey Blue
Guitars : Alexandros Dandoulakis
Bass: Vasilis Nissopoulos
Rhodes, synths, piano: Orestes Benekas
Drums and percussion: Ashley Hallinan
Backing vocals: Lola Yannopoulou, Ren, Sofia Filonos
Violin: Nefeli Liouta
Cello in “Interlude” and “The Moon”: Eirini Anastasiou
Cello in “The Hanged Man”,”The Tower” and “The World” arranged and played by Stavros Parginos
Viola: Eleftheria Togia
Double bass: Petros Lamprides
Trumpet: Sotiris Pepelas
Acoustic guitar in “The Hanged Man” by Moa Bones
Strings arrangement in “Interlude” and “The Moon” by Kostis Tsioulakis

Arranged and produced by Vasilis Nissopoulos
Recorded and mixed by Vagelis Moschos
Recording assistant Tasos Tsigkas
Mastering by Nikos Lavdas at Kiwi studio
Recorded at the Black Box studio, Universe 217 studio, Bananarama studio
Special thanks to Vasilis Dokakis

Cover photo: Mariza Kapsabeli
Artwork by Michelangelo Bevilacqua | xMx Graphics

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