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Wednesday 28th June: London singer, songwriter and producer Sampha returns with a brand new single, “Spirit 2.0”. Released today via Young, “Spirit 2.0” is Sampha’s first solo music in over six years, following the global success of his acclaimed 2017 debut album Process.

Those intervening years have been anything but fallow, with Sampha contributing his inimitable voice to some of music’s biggest releases including, most recently, Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morales & The Big Steppers (on “Father Time”) and Stormzy’s This Is What I Mean (on “Sampha’s Plea”). Simultaneously, he’s been firmly focused on the creation of his highly anticipated second album alongside a close circle of friends, peers and collaborators.

“Spirit 2.0” is the first song to be released from those sessions. First previewed live as part of his rapturously received “Satellite Business” residencies in London and New York, it sees Sampha elevating his production and vocal ambitions in equal measures, the two pushing each other to ever greater heights. Featuring musical contributions from Yussef Dayes, El Guincho and Owen Pallet alongside vocals from Yaeji and Lisa-Kaindé Diaz of Ibeyi, “Spirit 2.0” acts as a beacon for new sounds, directions and perspectives. Over kicks, snares and polyrhythmic synths that evoke a contemporary take on west African folk music, Sampha summons a dreamlike, self-motivating mantra of positivity and possibility, created to lift him up when he needed it most. If Process was an artist figuring out his own place in the world, engulfed in the shadows of grief and loss, Sampha’s latest music opens to new life and lives in awe of what’s beyond

Speaking about the track, Sampha says:

“It’s about the importance of connection to both myself and others, and the beauty and harsh realities of just existing. It’s about acknowledging those moments when you need help – that requires real strength. I hope people can enjoy that feeling of someone being there for you, even if that person doesn’t have the answers. Just calling someone up without overthinking… letting go and just dancing.. wanting to see past the mundanity of things and appreciating the magic of it all, from birds nests to spaceships.”

About Sampha:

From UK breakout star to global icon. Sampha’s influence is felt throughout contemporary culture. Across a studied career, the south London singer, songwriter and producer has released a host of era-defining records including 2013’s breakthrough “Dual” EP and his Mercury Music Prize winning debut album, 2017’s Process. No stranger to collaboration, Sampha is also the inimitable voice called upon by some of the greatest artists of our lifetime, from Kendrick Lamar to Stormzy, Drake to Solange, Frank Ocean to Alicia Keys, and musical releases with the best of the underground. His work expands across multiple disciplines, with previous creative partnerships including the fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph. In 2023, he returns with new single “Spirit 2.0”, the first music to be released from his highly anticipated second album.

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