Higher Frequencies by Mikael Delta

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Mikael Delta presents “Higher Frequencies”, an EP consisting of 5 instrumental tracks.

The composition and recording of this work emerged as an automatic writing within two months of endless hours on synthesizers and drum machines. At the same time, it is an ecstatic empowerment experience for its creator, as its completion coincided with the difficult conditions of the pandemic.

Loud breakbeats, winter pads that meet the spring and sub-bass sounds in major and minor chords result in a dystopian soundtrack of modern urban electronica. An emotional passage of the modern man through the social and existential tunnel with the sole purpose of liberation from every blockage and exit to the light.

“Higher Frequencies” is released on digital EP via Inner Ear.
released April 15, 2020

Music by Mikael Delta / Seven Studio Athens – Greece
Mastered by Sotus Bo at Punda Studios

Artwork: Platon Kedros

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